Dies Irae – Teatro Sotterraneo

30.05.2010 Castrovillari, Festival Primavera dei Teatri. Commenti a caldo del pubblico dopo lo spettacolo Dies Irae_Cinque episodi sulla fine della specie di Teatro Sotterraneo

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2 thoughts on “Dies Irae – Teatro Sotterraneo

  1. Goekhan says:

    Dear Teatro Sotterraneo,

    I enjoyed your play in Berlin. Henning Mankel talked about how death is outsorced in our “european” or western civilisised culture. It s only happend in Hospitals and there are no life connected rituals to say goodbye and see death as a part of live, normal as birth nothing to be afraid of. So this is on thing i feel and think in the first part. a clinical enviroment for murders and victims, also a case of being ill to be afraid of illness or like bolano said madness become a part of the word and take its place like the normal.
    The what if part with the mobile remember me that history as a revisonism ( in writing history) and a possibility that everything could happend in a different way. A german comedian once said i stoped believing the end of the world scenarios. The propaganda begins in the 60s. So I think its a very interesting projekt and i am a little bit said that i can t watch it a second time to go deeper inside. the only think i don t like as much as the play was the interview. Don t take me wrong it wasn t bad bur why don t you go deeper in your answers .. (i don t mean the interpretaion of the play. i also think that whis is the part of the audience) and the questions of the host was not very deep. And next time i hope that my questions are also deeper.. Thank you very much for your performance and i which you all the best for your next projekts and performances of your material

    yours Gökhan

  2. Dear Gökhan,
    first of all I apologize for my late answer. We were very struck by your feedback when we read it as soon as our friends from http://www.iltaburodikattrin.com forwarded it to us.
    We are really pleased when someone from the audience is able to give us new information about what our works can mean or at least communicate, which doesn’t happen often. Mankel and Bolaño were not among our starting working material and we didn’t even light on them during the creation process of Dies irae, at least not collectively, as our creations are collective ones; but we certainly agree with you when you write that the interpretation is up to the audience, and we’ve always worked with this in mind, not trying to deliver a message. Our task is to make clear what we want to show them and why.
    It was the first time we were performing one work of ours abroad and we had questioned ourselves a lot about the language problem during our rehearsals for the Volksbühne, especially as regards the several moments of interaction with the audience. The interview was one of these critical points and maybe it was not completely sorted out, as we ourselves also noticed after the show.
    It would have been a pleasure to have met personally in Berlin, hopefully we will have a new chance. If you wish to be informed about our projects and tours, you can subscribe to our mailing list at http://www.teatrosotterraneo.it.
    We wish you all the best.
    Matteo Ceccarelli
    Teatro Sotterraneo

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